Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A trusted and reliable partner through good times and bad

The current crisis is not just another
blip in the financial heart monitor,
soon to be forgotten. The structure
of the market will change in a
lasting way and regulatory changes
will profoundly affect the way in
which business is conducted. The
repercussions of the crisis will remain
with us for many years to come.
The trading and post-trading sectors
have been creating competition in
the market, but have simultaneously
brought greater fragmentation and
complexity. There is a particularly
strong need to ensure that risks in the
market are further reduced and kept
to a minimum. At the same time the
pressure on costs will continue and
indeed intensify. This dual objective
creates considerable challenges.
Infrastructure services providers like
Euroclear are in a unique position
to help take on this challenge
successfully. It is their duty to do
so in a way that contributes to the
stabilisation of markets. And it is also
in their interest, as they are the ones
who can provide this combination of
lower costs and lower risks so that
clients will have a better chance of
weathering the storm and attracting
greater critical mass. Euroclear
has gained a reputation over the
years for being very risk conscious
and for developing world class risk
management expertise. We also
have a track record of developing
innovative and highly reliable
solutions for the market, including
large scale projects. Now is the time
to make sure that all of our clients can
benefit from all of this expertise in the
difficult months ahead.



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