Friday, February 20, 2009

Alliance Web Platform, harmonising the Alliance user interface

With the next release of Alliance portfolio we launch a new browser-based graphical user interface framework for Alliance servers, Alliance Web Platform. The new approach offers a scalable and simple to deploy solution, effectively lowering the total cost of ownership.

Indeed, with Alliance Web Platform users can access Alliance server functions via Internet Explorer without any additional software installed on the user’s desktop.

As of April 2009, the Alliance users will receive Alliance Web Platform as a part of release 6.3. Without additional licensing and free of charge, the new user interface will be available for:

  • Relationship Management (RMA)
  • Accessing Browse-based SWIFTNet services
  • Alliance Gateway administration
In addition, a user interface for MT and MX message processing (the existing Alliance Messenger functionality) will also be available in release 6.3. Its usage, however, will require a dedicated licence option.

Alliance Web Platform will gradually replace Alliance Messenger, WebStation and Workstation and will evolve in the future to:

  • offering complete set of functions available currently on Alliance Workstation and Alliance WebStation
  • enabling simultaneous connections to several Alliance servers within the same user session
  • enhancing the user interface for better usability in a multi-server environment
The release 6.3 is the first step towards a single interface to the Alliance operational environment. In this community, we welcome your questions, comments and ideas on how to make this interface most usable and efficient in the future

by Diana Tourko


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